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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Acrylic painting of mystery

Sometimes I feel compelled to paint an image that is more than just 'mysterious'.  It is like the image itself has a task, a something to do that is not of this human realm. The composition and title may push me further into the depths of confusion, rather than bring me to the surface of comprehension.

This painting is named Grief's true reckoning.  When I think of these words their meaning seems to just slip pass my sensation of aha! into a darker place of what?  Webster's Dictionary says to "reckon" is to consider, to judge, to estimate.  Grief's true consideration, judgement, estimation.

The image came as I was walking about in the garden looking for some photo ideas that might make a new painting.  Suddenly I felt compelled to return to the house and take the bear skull from above my altar and return to the little waterfall that flows into the splash pond.  This is it.  I put the skull in the pond without considering any of the art qualities of arrangement, balance, form or color in the scene.  Just take the picture.

I don't remember how the title came, or why I call it this, or what my action completed for the bear skull so long separated from its body and the earth.  Art may be the only thing that makes us pay enough attention to know there is mystery.   As I quote from Diane Schoemperlen in the book that accompanies my Journey Oracle cards:
The opposite of knowledge is not ignorance, by Mystery,
the opposite of truth is not lies but Revelation.


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